Watch out! New malware steals crypto-wallets!

A team of researchers from network and system specialist Juniper Networks recently discovered new malware, able to steal user data and access crypto-currency wallets to, among other things, replace addresses. The name of this new danger? Masad Stealer!

An article published in TekCrispy explains that, according to those who found it, the virus is capable of injecting malicious code into browsers. The script activates internally and can obtain access to user credentials by replacing the original wallet’s address with a fake one.

Once imbedded in a browser, the malware can make off with all sorts of user data, including cookies, login information, saved passwords and linked Telegram channels.

Masad Stealer can steal crypto information from places like Ethereum, Monero and Zcash. What’s worse, it can also steal credit card data by taking screenshots that it later sends to a verified Telegram channel.

So it is clear: This is a very, very dangerous virus that’s able not only of stealing wallet addresses and info to rob its victims, but can also be sold in forums via AD campaigns, emulating bots and invading people’s computers.