Want to improve your website’s SEO? Check these link-building tips!

One of the greatest challenges that marketing professionals face when it comes to SEO is link building, a tool that gathers external links to our websites, blogs or online stores in order to increase their positioning in search engines.

How to approach it? According to Merca20, there are many ways. And you can start by following a series of tactics and approaches that will allow us to improve our positioning through the construction of links for our websites. Let’s list them:

  • Interviews: This tactic tool requires the posting of interviews made to influential people from the specific industry where the brand or company is involved. Keep in mind that the interviews must be of people who are experts in your niche, and the final product must be extensively promoted.
  • Resource sites: The second strategy includes sections in your websites that list useful links organized by specific subjects, constantly updating it by developing or creating high-quality content of interest for your niche or industry. Afterwards, results should be filtered, focusing them on the relevant platforms. Finally, interested parties should be contacted.
  • Partner links: This is a way to approach partners, clients, professional organizations and even affiliates (preferably those that have had successful, satisfying dealings with you) in order to obtain backlinks for your main website. It’s just that simple. The key to succeed with this strategy? Link your site to theirs and ask them to return the favor.
  • HARO (Help a Reporter Out): This tool aims to help journalists acquire trusted sources they can consult on specific subjects. Most of the time, companies approach journalists to offer their help for whenever said journalist plans to write anything related to the company’s specialization.
  • Image Copyright Claims: This tactic refers to the process of scouring the web for websites that may be using images that belong to the brand or company. The general idea is that, once a site has been identified, the webmaster should be contacted in order for them to provide a backlink to the company’s website.
  • Profile links: This one refers to each and every platform where a link can be created. You only have to browse for sites where the company can create personal or professional accounts and, well, just do it. Though if the sites are related to your niche, all the better!

Finally, there’s the Ego Bait tactic, which refers to the generation of content that seeks to catch the eye of influential people in order for them to give the brand or company a look and, eventually, generate a link they may share in their social media.