Use Telegram to promote your business

Telegram is perfect for business owners; it can be said that this is an updated version of WhatsApp but in Telegram you can add unlimited people in Telegram groups or Telegram channel.

How to use Telegram for business

  • Telegram channel: You can create a channel for your business.
  • Telegram Group: You can create a group for your business clients.
  • Telegram bots: You can create an AI-based Telegram bot for your business.

Can we use Telegram as a paid commercial channel?

  • Paid Products. Paid commercial channels receive payments from the Telegram channel. You can sell your products or others as affiliate products.
  • Paid traffic: You can generate traffic from the channel to your website, YouTube channel or any other platform you want.
  • Paid leads: You can sell leads to other people for $1 to $10. Potential customers can be emails, phone numbers of your customers, etc.
  • Paid subscription: You can sell your own subscription, if you are providing very valuable material on the channel. People will pay monthly to join your channel. In the second method you sell other subscriptions and get more commission than the price of the product.