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Rafael Núñez Will Highlight The Importance of Ethical Hacking

Our manager, Rafael Núñez Aponte, will be lecturing at the next Forum on “Transformación Tecnológica en la Venezuela de hoy,” (Technological transformation in today’s Venezuela); which will be held on November 7th at UNIMET (Metropolitan University) of Caracas.

Núñez will discuss the existent hazards within the world due to cyber-attacks and, the vulnerabilities that organizations are suffering today ahead of this phenomenon.

“During my lecture we will study a little, which are the tools that we technologically speaking can use to avoid frauds and malicious cybernetic instructions and, above all to protect the National cyber-defense. An Ethical Hacker determines, identifies and knows how a Malicious Hacker thinks,” assured the digital security expert during an interview with El Sumario.

He underlined the importance of hiring an Ethical Hacking Service for a company, indicating that this allows you: to have secure information systems, prevent unauthorized access by cybercriminals, mitigate risks, and very importantly to keep the trust of their clients.

On the other hand, Rafael Núñez spoke of the digital stalemate that Venezuela is going through, assuring that many “wish this to end” since in the past the country was at the vanguard in front many direct competitors. “Despite this, we are watching countries around the world that are digitize powers, they want to invest in ours to take advantage of the human talent we possess.”

Challenge the brain-drain with opportunities

“We believe that we can hold these brilliant minds through technological initiatives in order to help with the development of the country and somehow grow, evolve and innovate in Venezuela,” he stated, highlighting the importance of fresh minds in the grow of the nation.

At the present time in Venezuela, in the words of this computer security expert, there are still college students who have their faith and commitment to stay in Venezuela and support their country in the development of current policies.

Finally, Hacker Rafa Núñez, also known as the manager in our digital world, stressed the hard work that has been developing the British Venezuelan Chamber, which seeks to give a positive point of view of the country in terms of opportunities that can be presented despite of the current situation.

“There are few the Chambers that focus on the nation’s advanced students, that is why I want to underscore and convoke the student community to the forum we are going to held next November 7th, at the Metropolitan University regarding to technological transformation; it can serve to change the country in a positive way concerning to many values. And also I urge you to come together to learn, influence and help the Venezuelan society, which right now needs our contribution, cherish and participation,” he emphasized.