FundaSitio Works For A Better Country

FundaSitio’s manager Rafael Núñez talked with Edgar Rincón at the radio show CIBERESPACIO, during his visit to Infosecurity Tour 2017. The main topics covered the entrepreneurship projects lead by Núñez, and the cyber security.

To do one’s bit for a better country

During the interview, Rafael Núñez described FundaSitio as a project that get together a group of professionals that create web pages for non-profit organizations. They provide free construction and maintenance of the digital image of foundations and non-profit organizations that work for the social welfare of the country.

Rafa Hacker, well-known in the cyber world, highlighted that this organization has been growing for two consecutive years at a fast pace, the goal is to expand it further, the idea is for the organization to be in charge of the web page host and to be involved in the activities and in the real problems to provide solutions and to trespass the virtual world.

Rafael-Núñez-FundaSitio works for a better country

The initiative of creating FundaSitio started out of a wish of constructing a better country, under the slogan “We are the digital link to social welfare”. It highlights that changes come from within; they are accomplished by the participation of the individual in altruist actions from compassion and will of helping others to achieve a collective change.

Reasons why security it is also important

During his participation in Infosecurity Tour 2017 in Venezuela, Rafa Nuñez Aponte highlighted the importance of securing data to face up new threats in the cyberspace, especially to those which are emerging nowadays.

As an example of entrepreneurship, Rafa Nuñez also manages MásQueDigital (MoreThanDigital) and he founded the site “Enfoque Seguro” where he provides preventive pieces of advice on effective actions, with the goal of maintaining our information secure.

During his statement, he reminded the audience that passwords should be sturdy, that means that they should be difficult to discover and easy to remember for the user.

Rafael-Núñez-FundaSitio works for a better country

He emphasizes the importance of having a preventive behavior and of having the necessary tools to affront a cyber war, where the systems’ and cyber nets technique vulnerabilities are attacked.

Rafa Núñez is not just a renowned expert in cyber security, but he also runs MasQueDigital, where ethical hackers and system engineers get together to help enterprises in the protection against possible information leakage, furthermore to protect them against hacking.

Similarly, this business unit offers orientation in regard to the content that should be created, this is made by setting strategies for its implementation and by safeguarding sensible information to clients at the same time that they get educated, hence MasQueDigital brings an integral consultancy.