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Alberto Camardiel: As Long As We Live, There’ll Be Hope

Health complications pushed the team of Venezuelan climbers into taking the decision of reprogramming their adventure of reaching the highest point on Earth, Mount Everest. This, because Alberto Camardiel caught pneumonia while trying to achieve the goal of Expedition 8848.

After assuring that life itself is a human being’s most treasurable asset, Camardiel pointed out that team work is goes beyond a person’ own interests.

As long as we live, there’ll be hope (…) There will always be new challenges, it may be Mount Everest, or it may be something else I don’t know for sure yet (…) As a team, one of the most important things is to learn when to say, “this is it!”, because reaching the top does not necessary mean you’ve achieved great results” – said Camardiel.

Alberto also expressed how much he learnt from this experience and from his journey through the world’s highest mountain, where he learnt a lot about himself. “You ought to know that everything around you is stronger and bigger than you, and that you cannot always control it all. You’re more vulnerable that what you really think you are, even after all the preparation you’ve received (…) At the end of the day, it’s really all about learning that you are as part as that landscape as anything around you. You become part of nature in that exact moment”.

Camardiel expressed how he respects all the opinions that pointed out that not reaching the top of the mountain was a failure, “It’s not about reaching the top, it’s about finding yourself and learning how far you can go even after all the complications you can find in the way”.

“I believe these experiences enrich our lives in so many ways, one of them is learning to love and appreciate life more than we usually do (…) There are many thoughts that make you stronger as a team, especially when talking about team work”.

Alberto gave these statements at the Paseo Las Mercedes Hotel’s America Hall, alongside MasQueDigital’s staff team, presided by Rafael Nuñez. Who served as one of the official sponsors of this adventure, leaving our national tricolor at the highest point on earth.