When facing threats, attention means prevision

MásQueDigital’s CEO and renowned ethical hacker, Rafael Nuñez, highlights the importance of being prepared against any digital threat in this globalized world; by doing so we will avoid becoming a victim, we need to understand that investing in security is not a waste of money.

How to protect yourself from globalization

Nowadays, we live in a world where all information is connected in a globalized way; furthermore, we have a lot of important information about our lives inside our cellphones and laptops. The duty of specialist is to keep the users informed and to provide them guidance on how to keep safe their private information.

Rafa Nuñez Aponte also stated that most people are not capable of seeing the existents threats in an intangible world such as the internet, where everyone is a potential victim and there is a great exposure; this makes an impact in our economic, social, and professional life.

According to the Venezuelan hacker, the formula for success in the digital world consists of a good management, technology, and education; this makes possible to configure the security systems in a secure and proper way.

Rafael Nuñez Aponte is a committed expert on the prevention of cyber-attacks; for the last 4 years, he has worked with the Venezuelan-British Commerce Chamber as the president of the Britcham Information and Communication Technology Board, due to his accomplishments in the technology and information security area in his company, MásQueDigital.

In this role, he will have the great duty of consolidating the technology issues befallen in the world and to analyze how these affect the country. Furthermore, he aims to raise awareness in the technology field.

Digital security is an investment

This year companies have been under the attack of the virus WannaCry, and recently under the attacks perpetrated by DDoS that cause a denial of services affecting at least 86 countries for 11 days approximately. For this reason, companies need to invest in their digital security annually.

It is important to be up to date in the digital security area and to invest on it, on the grounds that the mass level technology and the internet’s high-connectivity increased the user’s vulnerabilities .

Rafael-Núñez-When facing threats, attention means prevision

Latin-American countries have a tendency to just react against the attacks, that’s the reason why it is important to enhance that we must invest in security to protect the company’s information, and that users must protect themselves in the same way; hence they will be able to avoid the attacks of social engineer, fishing and so on, through which other people can reach to the company’s information.