Rafael Núñez talked about Cybersecurity at CIBERESPACIO Radio Show

Infosecurity Tour 2017, a technology event held at the Renaissance Hotel in Caracas, Venezuela set the perfect mood for MásQueDigital (MoreThanDigital) and Fundasitio’s CEO, Rafael Núñez Aponte to have a nice chat with Edgar Rincón and his audience on an interview for CIBERESPACIO radio show.

What did they talk about? Well, a little bit of everything. Starting out from the reason why Rafael Nuñez is also known as “Rafa Hacker” on the technology world:

“Alongside InfoSecurity, we’ve been collaborating on prevention and taking notice of the risks of cyberattacks and all that the digital toxic environment means” – Núñez added.

Rafa Núñez also talked about MoreThanDigital (MásQueDigital), explaining what the organization does on enterprise security:

“We have a business division with ethical hackers and system engineers that help our clients. They perform a diagnosis based on what they find after checking each client’s weak points. Based on that diagnosis, we talk to our clients and apply the strategies that suit them and their necessities the most. Avoiding, at all costs, information leaking and digital accounts hacking”.

As well as this, Rafael Núñez mentioned the hard work that MásQueDigital (MoreThanDigital) performs on image consulting and Personal and Corporative Image Management:

“We basically guide our clients on what sort of content they should create and which strategies they should apply in order to achieve the desired goal. Also, we keep all the vulnerable information under security, and teach our clients how to do so by themselves. It’s a comprehensive advice we offer to our clients”.

Clearly, the interview delved deeper on Cybersecurity and left some very useful tips for the audience to apply. Tips that Rafael Núñez was pleased to share openly, and that we summarize consecutively:

  • We should always keep our operative system and our antivirus updated
  • We should use strong passwords that are easy for remember and hard to find out
  •  We should always use our common sense, especially when going online.

FundaSitio: A small contribution to build a better nation

The conversation also made way to talk a little about FundaSitio:

“This is an initiative that has been around for 2 years now, a period in which it has grown enormously and that it will keep growing on more years to come”.

Rafa Núñez explained that FundaSitio is an organization conformed by graphic designers, programmers, etc., that do not only create and manage the image of the foundations and organizations they work with, but they also offer hosting and even teach them to deal with everyday online difficulties, all of this, for free.

With that in mind, “Rafa Hacker” also mentioned:

“That is the job, our small contribution to help building a better place to live in. Venezuela will only change when we, as Venezuelans, change our ways of thinking. As soon as we start doing good to each other, helping each other, that’s when the real change will start. We complain a lot, instead of asking ourselves what are we doing individually to change collectively?”