Jacinto Convit Foundation Keeps Working to Achieve an Innovative Breast Cancer Treatment

On 2006, Dr. Jacinto Convit started developing a vaccine to cure and prevent breast cancer. Twelve years later, Dr. Convit’s dream is more alive than ever before, thanks to the Jacinto Convit Foundation, an organization founded in 2012 focused on keeping his research and medical legacy alive.

The foundation, which objectives are to help the most vulnerable ones and to work for the humanities’ wellness, has kept on searching for a treatment for breast cancer, and in recent years it has extended its researches to verify how efficient it is this new type of treatment.

Has it got somewhere? Yes! And very far! The conviction, constancy, perseverance and hard work of the people working for the foundation has resulted on achieving the aimed goals and the results are now available for everyone to see, thanks to a recent publication on the research’s conclusions about the validation of the vaccine for breast cancer that was published on Oncotarge magazine, under the title “Autologous tumor cells/bacillus Calmette-Guérin/formalin-based novel breast cancer vaccine induces an immune antitumor response”.

The most relevant conclusion published is that this vaccine project is an excellent and affordable personalized immunotherapy alternative for the breast cancer treatment, because of the immune anti-tumour response watched on the investigation, as well as its low productions cost and the facility of its preparation.

Jacinto Convit Foundation worked hard on its investigations and was able to publish its conclusions thanks to the support of many institutions that, since the beginning, have believed and encouraged the project. FundaSitio, MasQueDigital’s and Rafael Nunez social responsibility program has been one of those institutions.

FundaSitio has collaborated with Jacinto Convit Foundation through the design of its website (www.jacintoconvit.org), which aims to become an open window for the digital universe to know the excellent work of the organization.