Rafael Nunez - Hackers

Rafael Núñez: Hackers use social engineering to get personal information from online users

MásQueDigital’s CEO, Rafael Núñez, affirms that all the technology advances that have been done on cybersecurity make every day more difficult for black-hat hackers to security systems as often as it used to happen.

On an interview for Climax Magazine, a division of El Estímulo, Rafa Nuñez pointed out that hackers are now using social engineering to trick people and make their information vulnerable-

“Black hat hackers have realised that it´s getting very difficult for them to hack into a bank because of new security systems. Thus, they will not attack the bank directly, but the cardholders instead. How? They would send online phishing scams that would ask the user to provide personal information, even get in contact through the phone with them. This all happens because of the little information people have on the matter”

On the other hand, MoreThanDigital’s (MásQueDigital) Technology Manager, Alexis Rodríguez added that in Venezuela one of the main issues is the lack of professionals on the technology industry. As well as this, and because of the low investments made for companies for their own security, many of them are vulnerable for online attacks and information hacking.


Espionage and Control

Beyond the lack of information, or the human mistakes that could be made in the way, we cannot ignore the fact that there are real technology pirates that even governmental organizations hire to attack a specific target. Security organizations all over the globe have on their staff highly trained professionals that are able to trace user online through several ways, emails, social networks and IP addresses.

Rafa Núñez Hacker, as many technology-lovers know him, assures that the best hackers in the world are army allies. Countries such as China, Russia and the United States have impressive amounts of officers and resources dedicated to this field.

Recommendations by Experts

Alexis Rodriguez adds that the two-factor authentication is the best way to keep our information safe, commenting that users should keep their private life away from their social media, as hackers could get basic information on an easier way.

Rafael Núñez Aponte also speaks about how our passwords should be easy to remember but hard to find out, pointing out that we should never share our passwords on sites we do not know.

To conclude, Rafa Nuñez gave an advice that users should consider each time they go online, never connect to an unknown WiFi network, as it may be a bait for hackers to attack.