Rafael Nuñez White Hacker - Ethical hacking

Rafael Nuñez: Ethical Hacking Is a Real Necessity for Companies Nowadays

The digital security specialist assures that it is the best way to prevent and fight cybercriminals and its attacks.


Rafael Nuñez, MasQueDigital’s CEO talks about how on the 21st century one of the main priorities for enterprises is to hire an ethical hacker to find and fix vulnerabilities on the company’s digital services.

During the 20th National Security Congress held in Dominican Republic, Rafa White Hacker talked about how ethic hackers know how black hat hackers think, but they choose to focus their work on protecting the different organization’s data.

Among the many benefits that ethic hackers offer, we can mention:

  • Building secure information systems.
  • Preventing the unauthorized access to cybercriminals.
  • Creating preventive measures to avoid security breaches.
  • Generating security awareness from beginners to professionals.
  • Having profiles that can recognize and understand all the attacking procedures.
  • Fighting risks.
  • Keeping the trust of their clients.

Rafael-Nuñez-White-Hacker-Ethical-hackingRafael Nuñez also talked about the price-quality ratio on having a cybersecurity team:

“It will always mean a cheaper investment than the amount of money one can loses if we end up victims of a cyberattack.”

The white-hat-hacker also explained that companies can hire external services as well that offer: vulnerability analyses, penetration tests, auditing systems and information security, privacy politics development, norms and procedures, and forensic investigation.

2018 Cybertrends

Rafael Nuñez Hacker explained that, according to Hackmaggeon, a specialized website, during 2018’s first semester, cyberespionage, cyberwar and black-hat hacking increased considerably compared to 2017, and:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning will be hotspots on cybersecurity.
  • Cyberattacks will be aimed to the final user.
  • Deception systems and contra-intelligence as defending systems.
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will initiate operations and with it, data kidnapping attacks and extorsions will increase.
  • Banking, Pharmacies and Insurance companies’ attacks will increase due to how valuable their information is.
  • Organizations will leave their security matters on the hands of IT security specialists, obtaining a more proactive service.

New Technologies Risks

Rafael-Nuñez-White-Hacker-Ethical-hackingRafael Nuñez Aponte highlighted that with the arrival of new technologies on digital protection, new risks and challenges will arrive.

The statistics point out that malware attacks have increased 614% this 2018, in comparison to 2017.

When it comes to enterprises, Rafael Nuñez says that 83% have issues identifying the security abilities they need; 70% use the could services from mobile devices and 45% depend on products and tool that out of date.

Rafa Hacker explains that ethical hacking keeps on being the best investment option for companies on 2018, data supported by Global Knowledge, the global certification center on IT technologies that place the salary of these professionals on the 9th position importance ranking worldwide.