E-Commerce: a Growing Market in Venezuela!

E-Commerce is a concept and a financial methodology that little by little has gained its own place in the Latin-American Market. This, of course, does not exclude Venezuela in any way; in the said country more and more people now buy products and services through their computers or mobile devices.  

That is to say, the internet sales and the digital market in Venezuela are in full apogee. This was assured by diverse experts in a recent event made in the Eurobuilding Hotel of Caracas, which counted with the participation of MásQueDigital.

According to them, any E-commerce good strategy is just a new and a different way of making business, the idea is to take advantage of online tools to incorporate them into traditional business. Carlos Jimenez, the manager of Digital Trends and Datanalisis, assured the aforementioned.   Furthermore, he said that Venezuelan online buyers have trust issues caused by problems with the product they received, shipping costs, and transactions transparency. Hence, it is necessary to understand the barriers that are affecting online sales.

Carlos Jimenez explained that it is fundamental to minimize those obstacles to earn the trust of the consumers. How to do it? Convincing the internet users! According to the specialist, this can be accomplished if all the necessary information is given to the people for them to make a decision related to their purchase. Of course, we cannot forget the basics, we need to attend the market’s need, to solve people’s problems and to be authentic and responsible; we also need to be open to comments and criticism.


Karla Medina, Marketing Director for “Contenido Épico” also spoke in the event and she considered that the information of the products should always respond to the consumer’s needs.  The expert explained that in the world of E-commerce it is key to understand this to avoid returns. “The most important thing is that this new payment method will bring new opportunities and not new fears” argued Medina. She added that a good content will contribute a lot in the sales by E-commerce, in the positioning, and in the brand values.

The Pago Flash founder, Danhalit Zamalloa, also participated in the event and she agreed with the rest of the presenters, she shared the idea that it is necessary to produce empathy in the community through satisfactory experiences.  This will generate more sales and the clients will be more committed with the brands. Of course, Zamalloa recognized that the solutions of online payment should be as simple as possible, and should be known by the buyers. At the end, they are the ones to choose the best option for them. Options!  Each company focused on E-commerce should offer a multi-channel experience to complete the traditional offer of debit or credit card payment!