Rafael Núñez: Companies should have Centers of Immediate Answer

Rafael Nuñez, specialist in cyber security, put emphasis on the need for companies to create centers of immediate answer to quickly respond to cyber-attacks, such as the one occurred with the ransomware #WannaCry

 To Update the OS to protect information

The MásQueDigital’s CEO in an interview at the radio show “Con Café” highlighted the importance of having more information on Patch management. (Services and OS updates).

The cyber security areas are considered within the budget as a waste of money rather than an investment. As a consequence, there is a lack of management of the OS’ updates. Nowadays, the companies are investing more money on marketing.

The menace caused by the Ramsonware #WannaCry has been eliminated. Now, the software manufacturers have the updating patch to protect their computers, they also now understand that this is a problem in which it is necessary to act immediately.

The computer of analysts, managers and Vice Presidents are still vulnerable to this kind of attacks, which are connected to the Windows OS. 

International Banks are safe of being a #WannaCry victim, so are the Venezuelan Banks, the latter take continuously care of cyber-attacks because they have suffered from frauds.

Rafa Nuñez also recommends the constant systems update, he considers important the following:

  • To create centers of immediate answer
  • To regard cyber security as an investment
  • To keep in mind that the patch management allows the quick identification of any abnormal behavior.
  • To have all antiviruses updated.
  • To have a genuine OS updated
  • To create a good password
  • To have common sense with regard to phishing attacks.


Commonly known as Rafa ethical hacker Núñez, he offers the necessary tools to protect information in electronic devices.  Thanks to his expertise, he participates in a great number of forums and events dedicated to inform on how to secure information. He also hosts the radio show “Percepción 3.0”




The Virus that did not produced many tears. 

The #WannaCry cyber-attack has been one of the greatest in all the cyber history. Nonetheless, it could not raise the 90millions US dollars expected; until now, it has only raised 80 thousands of US dollars.

This attack had 200.000 victims in at least 150 countries, being Mexico the most affected country in Latin America. This cyber-attack demanded ransom payments to its victims as a rescue after encrypting data from computers. Among the victims, 16 hospitals and Health facilities were affected only in the UK.