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Rafael Núñez: Companies should create an Immediate Response Center

Recently, around 300 thousand people got affected by a ransomware known as #WannaCry, a hazard that kidnapped personal information from people and banks around the world. Rafael Núñez Aponte, MásQueDigital’s CEO, made emphasis on how necessary it is for companies to create centers of immediate answer to respond before these crises.

The cybersecurity specialist also talked about how big it is the lack of information on patch management (cyber services and updates).

“It is mainly a matter of budget. Companies invest more money on marketing and other cybersecurity areas and not so much on prevention. They consider it a waste of money rather than an investment. There is a lack of management on the OS’ updates. Take Venezuela, for example. It is very difficult for Venezuelan companies to buy these licenses due to the exchange control, and this makes these companies more vulnerable to cyberattacks” said Rafa “white hacker” Núñez on the radio show Con Café.

Rafa Nuñez also spoke about how #WannaCry has gone weaker since a blogger published a reasonable solution for it and from there, software manufactures got the updating patch to protect the hardware, mentioning that it is only a matter of acting immediately.

Banking against ransomware

Rafael-Nuñez-CajerosThanks to these updates, banking systems are exempt from being victims of #WannaCry, but the hardware assigned to analysts, managers and VPs are still vulnerable to similar attacks, as they used the world’s most common OS: Windows.

“Banks in Venezuela take a lot of care of cyberattacks because they’ve suffer from frauds before”, said Rafa Hacker, as he spoke about how cybercriminals will try to go for cardholders and the regular clients for being an easier target to get through the internet.

Some recommendations given by Rafael Nuñez are:

• To keep all antiviruses updated
• To have a genuine OS and up-to-date
• To create a good password
• To have a bit of common sense when suspecting a phishing attack

“We need to be up-to-date, to have a center of immediate response and to understand that cybersecurity on companies is more an investment than it is an expense (…) Patch management allows us to identify behavioural patrons and I do believe that’s where new preventive trends are heading to” exclaimed Rafael Núñez Aponte.