rafael nunez infosecurity 2017 caracas venezuela

Rafael Núñez at the InfoSecurity Tour 2017

With an audience full of expectation, each and every one of the seats arranged at the Mateo Manaure Hall of the Renaissance Hotel in Caracas, Venezuela started to get full, all waiting for a new edition of the ISEC InfoSecurity Tour to start.

Among greetings and jokes, Martin Vila, producer of the event, started introducing all the co-organizers and sponsors, followed by the warm speech given by Rafael Núñez, widely known ethic hacker and president of MoreThanDigital (MásQueDigital), who told us about the importance of keeping our online information safe.

Rafa Nuñez: How valuable is our information?

rafael nunez infosecurity 2017 venezuela

That was the question asked by Rafa Nuñez during his speech, talking about how to take control of the information we publish online, how to encrypt information, how to use our fingerprint to keep our data safe and how to prevent and educate our children to identify the difference between an online contact and an online friend.


Also, Rafael Nunez mentioned what is cyber war and how it is affecting us more and more each day, turning itself into a reality we cannot ignore once we go online through any smart device.

rafael nunez infosecurity 2017

Rafael Nunez – Infosecurity 2017, Caracas, Venezuela

Moreover, the presentations given by all the other guests gave the audience an extremely interesting, fun and yet educational journey through all the topics, pros and cons on digital security. Allowing us to discover and understand a little bit better how relevant it is to us all the information our clients hang out and trust us with, making it harder for hackers and malware to get hold of it.

It is very worrying to find out how many cases of viruses, hackers and malwares (such as Ransomware) affect people around the world on a daily basis, that’s why all the exponents gave their honest advice and tips on how to safeguard our most beloved possession online (our information), something  that left the audience happy and satisfied.

rafael nuñez hacker

Let’s point out that this event will take place in different cities of the Caribbean and that it’s much more than just a cyber-security event, it is an encounter that consents all the cyber-lovers to share, debate and exchange all the information they may discover along the way of their everyday lives, a premise that us, as an ordinary audience, appreciate more than words can describe.