Google Celebrates its 19th Anniversary with a Playful Doogle

Google is having its anniversary today… It’s been 19 years! And, to celebrate it, they’ve decided to do it on a very google-ish way: With a very playful and colourful doogle! This time, it’s a compilation of a variety of its most popular minigames, which had been released over the year.

Some of these minigames were created on special occasions, and they represent the 19 of impeccable history that started on September 27th 1998, thanks to the great minds of Larry Page y Sergey Brin. As an easy way to remember them all, they’ve been put together on a spinning wheel for users to spin it and have a great time playing and remembering them.

Which games are available on the 19th anniversary doodle? Many! In fact, there are 19, one by each year and all of them (going from Snake, to a very interesting lesson of theremin) are especially designed to cheer up all the users who will be playing them today.