“Venezuela Libre de Drogas” Launches New Website

Venezuela Libre de Drogas (Venezuela: Drug-free territory) is a nonprofit foundation created 30 years ago. This year, it celebrates its anniversary with a brand new website thanks to Fundasitio’s support. The newly made website will increase the foundation’s capacity for action and for receiving more help.

Information is essential to prevision

This organization wants to be a light in the darkness to guide people in complicated situations; It seeks to notably reduce the risks of becoming a drug consumer; moreover, it works to strengthen all elements of protection in order to look for desirable alternative behavior to drug consume.

It started its activities in 1986 under the name of “Comisiones Ciudadanas Contra el Uso Indebido de las Drogas Rodrigo Lara Bonilla” (Rodrigo Lara Bonilla. Citizen Commissions Against Substance Abuse). Since its beginning, this institution has supported the fight against the abuse of narcotic substances through the promotion of high-quality life, health, and how to use spare time in a responsible and beneficial manner.

The institution works with the following programs:

  • Support unit: SOY (Who I am): series of services dedicated to personal growth.
  • Unit: SENTIR Y SER (To feel and to be): it brings support to their recipients in the areas of health and social responsibility.

“Venezuela Libre de Drogas” offers services of information, investigation, orientation, design and project execution; likewise it offers centers and action committees for the prevention of drug use, among other things.

After 30 years of work, the foundation has understood that drug abuse is a matter of decisions, which is the reason why every person needs to take responsibility for its own life and health. The foundation acts under a firm institutional commitment, which boosts teamwork and values such as responsibility, honesty, and cooperation.

The alliance with Fundasitio resulted in the creation of a digital window; this is part of a communicational strategy, essential to call the attention of young people, virtual communities, and social networks; at the same time, it shows the campaigns made to clarify the risks of drug abuse.

Likewise, Fundasitio, the institution managed by Rafael Núñez, developed a portal aimed to teenagers to accomplish an effective digital communication.

 3 years creating digital platforms for ONGs

During the last 3 years, Fundasitio has managed to support more than 60 recipients with the creation and donation of digital platforms.  Fundasitio was created as a social entrepreneurship by the company MasQueDigital, managed by the Venezuelan entrepreneur and technology expert, Rafael Nuñez Aponte.


In the month of its anniversary, the organization will conduct a series of activities in order to increase the human and economic support of ONGs and Civil associations of the country. The company will donate toys and will organize celebrations with the help of Huellas de Bondad Foundation, Mimos de Venezuela, Alesandro Rosete, Carlos Delfino Foundation and MasQueDigital.