Tamagotchi Returns on 2018

Calling all nostalgic people! Tamagotchi is back! The popular virtual mascot whose fame was remarkable in the 90s is hitting back the market next year to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Of course, it will not be the way we are imagining because the mini-accessory that we used to have will return but as a mobile app.

The mobile gaming enterprise Bandai Namco has just announced that Tamagotchi will join the free-to-play app tendency that will arrive on 2018 with My Tamagotchi Forever. The game will be available on iOS and Android.

Little is known about this new Tamagotchi era, but what we can confirm is that this announcement has been well-received in Asia. The announcement was made in a trailer in which we can distinguish one species of the Tamagotchi world. Will we be witnessing more social contact that will allow us to interact with other individuals? We will have to wait!