Redsoc acknowledges the work of FundaSitio

The social work of FundaSitio has been acknowledged once more and this time by a prestigiuos institution that was recently supported in an important issue by the organization that Rafael Nuñez Aponte directes. We are talking about the Venezuelan Association of Social Development Organizations Network (Redsoc).

Consuelo Morillo de Hidalgo, director and coordinator of Redsoc, expressed the total satisfaction of the association towards FundaSitio and thanked the recent presentation that FundaSitio made about the association website in the Social Network Convention held in early February this year.


Other members of Redsoc are also grateful by the fact that FundaSitio’s presentation may help to strengthen the articulation and enrichment of the affiliated organizations. They are sure that said organizations are going to benefit from the information and knowledge acquired from the redesing of the association’s website.

Morillo also acknowledged FundaSitio’s work and technological contributions to different organizations highlighting the fact that a better implemantation of the social development projects executed in Venezuela is possible thanks to such work and contributions.


Redsoc sent especial thanks to Rafael Nuñez and all the members of FundaSitio, making emphazis on the great meaning of the enhancement and deepening work made by the fundation over this type of ralationships in order to impruve the civil society’s use of technology to help those in need.