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Hernán Corredores: No App is 100% Secure as to Protect Personal Data

IT Security specialist, Hernán Corredores, highlights how each user should be careful on what kind of app is using to share certain type of information.

Hernán Corredores, MasQueSeguridad’s IT Security Manager does not dare to assure that any messaging app is 100% confidential, as in the digital universe there are many “back door gateways.”

“It’s very difficult to guarantee that an app does not have access through a back door to our information, especially with the USA’s Patriot Act, says Corredores, pointing out that this legal instrument “practically” demands the developers to create a back door to check and verify any activity that may be linked to terrorism.

During the radio interview, on Circuito Éxitos 99.9FM, Corredores stated that these apps generate a lot of megadata that can be used for many purposes, going from commercial to private statistics to know more about the costumers and their behavior on the web.

Among this, Corredores explains three factors to consider on an apps’ security policies:

  1. Who’s behind this app? Find out who’s the developer and its intentions
  2. Check the real functions and features the app offers to its users to guarantee their privacy and confidentiality of the information shared through it.
  3. The real use that the users will give to the app.

rafael-nunez-aponte-hernan-corredores-no-app-is-100-secure-as-to-protect-personal-dataThe specialist compares Signal to WhatsApp, the world’s most downloaded instant messaging apps, but each one with its own features on security matter:

Signal has features that are better than WhatsApp’s. It even has the option for the user to destroy the message and the chats in it, as well as the option to block other users’ capability for taking a screen capture of the chat (…) These, among others, are the security features that Signal offers that make it more appealing that WhatsApp”.

Also, WhatsApp belongs to Facebook, a social network that has had many legal issues due to security lacks and the information provided by its users.

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