Rafa Nuñez-Google dedica Doodle a la Independencia de Venezuela

Google Celebrates Venezuela’s Independence Day with a Special Doogle

Google garnished its home page with a colorful Doogle that celebrates Venezuela’s Independence Day. As it is now usual, the browser and internet service provider, celebrates important dates that have left its mark in history with a design that changes according to the celebration, and the 5th of July, the day in which Venezuela celebrates its Signing of the Declaration of Independence from the Spanish Government was no exception.

The technological master joined the party with a Doodle in which can be seen two people wearing Venezuela’s national costume, dancing joropo and, on the background, our national flag with its 8 stars. Once you click on the image, the users will have access to detailed information about this historical date that turned Venezuela into the first country in South America and the third in America to declare its independence from the Spanish yoke.

rafael-nunez-aponte-google-celebrates-venezuelas-independence-day-with-a-special-doogleThis is not the first time that Google dedicates its logo to such a representative day for Venezuelans. In 2017, the date was right for Google to pay tribute to the south American country, this time, with a beach, and in 2016, the design included a hummingbird.

Our CEO, Rafael Nunez Aponte, and MásQueDigital’s staff join the festivity with pride and happiness, celebrating the date in which our country found its own identity, promoting equality and freedom to the world.