Rafael Núñez- MásQueDigital

Resiliency has been MasQueDigital’s Biggest Achievement

Venezuela has a name to define digital image consultancy, eBranding and CyberSecurity: MasQueDigital, a company that for 7 years has turned adversities into chances to accomplish stability and prosperity to its staff, a group of high standard professionals.

Rafael Nuñez Aponte, MasQueDigital’s CEO assures that “resiliency” is a word that perfectly defines how much the company has grown over the last 7 years.

“Adversities have been turned into chances, obstacles into climbing allies that have helped us reach the top. The most important thing is to consolidate the company, as well as staying together and growing strong as a family. Nuñez exclaims as he points out how important it is to have high profile clients.

Rafael, also known as Rafa Nuñez Hacker, is proud to count with a staff of almost 100 people.

Brick by brick, we have built the first Digital Markting company focused on online reputation. We started out from scratch and now we’re over 50 employees inhouse and more than 60 that work from home. That is a real miracle nowadays, and I feel lucky for being able to offer job opportunities to people. There’s a big commitment that involves the whole unit, a sense of brotherhood and family that makes the staff feel at home, despite of the circumstances. We’ve been able to face the toughest challenges, and it is a pleasure to me to be leading such a responsible and committed group of professionals”.

According to kabala, number 7 symbolises perfection, and to Rafa Hacker his year has been exactly that, a perfect year for MasQueDigital.

“Expansion has just begun. We’ll be seeing and experimenting new things and we’ll keep on growing better and stronger” – Nuñez added.

Fundasitio: Personal Growing

Thanks to the expansion and the growing of MasQueDigital, Rafael Nuñez started another corporate social responsibility, Fundasitio.

Three years ago, Rafa Nuñez decided to help non-governmental organizations and foundations to strengthen their duties to society, offering online presence, so they can create new bounds and obtain better chances of helping others.

Fundasitio is a non-profit organization that seeks to help other organizations with their online presence, so more people can know about them and help them. I believe that has been one of the biggest achievements of my life, to use MasQueDigital as a platform to create foundations”.

As well as creating foundations that help society, Rafael Nunez Aponte also founded El Sumario and Doble Llave, two diaries that add a highly important positive value to Venezuela.