On its 7th Anniversary, MásQueDigital Opts To Expand Itself Beyond Its Boundaries

Recently, MasQueDigital celebrated its 7th anniversary and it consolidated its position as the leader of 2.0 Image Consultancy, Digital Marketing and Digital Information Security in Venezuela. The CEO, Rafael Núñez, is focused on taking this company beyond its boundaries in the near future by offering a first class range of services for all South America.

Beyond The Boundaries

During a conversation with the General Manager, Lino Simoes, he referenced the plans of taking MásQueDigital beyond the geographical limits of the country, with the help of the most precious resource owned by the company: the human capital.

The MásQueDigital’s staff is more than an exportation product, it is the best example of service quality; this is confirmed by the positive results obtained with all companies advised, who ensure the professional behavior in their assigned work teams.

Rafael Núñez: on its 7th anniversary, Más Que Digital opts to expand itself beyond its boundaries.

MásQueDigital offers unique strategies for each client, in this manner, it generates services in a personalized way and it emphasizes an individually design methodology to attend each different need.

The Company is under the direction of Rafael Núñez Aponte, who is qualified to carry out consultancies and trainings on image security, he specializes in:

• Unique strategies on Digital Marketing
• E-branding
• Web positioning
• Public relations
• Communicational Crisis Management
• Digital Services and Information and Communication Technologies.

Rafa Núñez owes the company’s success and growth to its resilience, and to its ability to transform the adversity into opportunities, to offer stability and prosperity to high-level professionals that are part of this great family.

This accomplishment is reflected in the co-workers’ union. The CEO emphasizes the pride on creating a company with 100 employees and with high-ranked clients, the bests on their areas.

MásQueDigital is known for its great commitment and for the fellowship kept inside the company, they show a perfect evolution.

Exponential Growth In New Projects

Fundasitio is a non-profit foundation; it is the outcome of MásQueDigital¸ whose exponential growth resulted in this corporate social responsibility project of great transcendence.

For the past 3 years, the foundation has helped other non-governmental and non-profit organizations on obtaining web presence to connect with the society as a way to increase their opportunities on receiving help and to help other people.
Fundasitio is one of Rafael Núñez Aponte’s biggest accomplishments. The MásQueDigital’s platform is used to create foundations and to connect them with the community.