Rafael Nuñez Aponte - Evento Malware & Backup 2017

Alexis Rodriguez: Bitcoin Is The Cryptocurrency of The Present

Alexis Rodriguez, MasQueDigital’s Technology Manager, participated in the event “Malware & Backup 2017” organized by the Maestre Corporation, where he explained how the cryptocurrency market works, its use and scope.

 “The Bitcoin is the current cryptocurrency, its transaction systems are trustworthy and have the highest standards on cybersecurity”, the specialist said during his presentation. He also explained that digital currency sets a tendency in the market thanks to its different strengths; this should be taken into consideration to make smart investments. “It is easy to use, from simple transactions through the ‘wallet’, until the monitoring of markets in real time.”

Rodriguez explained that in Venezuela there is a “legal limbo” about the mining of Bitcoins. “The police can arrest you and take away your machines for excessive electric consume, due to the electric issues that affect the country”. Then he affirmed that there is no legal framework to accuse or sue a person for exploiting this cryptocurrency.


Rafael-Nuñez-Aponte-Evento-Malware-Backup-2017Sergio Maestre, Manager of Maestre Corporation and planner of the event, highlighted the effort that his team makes every year to produce it (this is the fifth edition)

The idea is to deliver information and to communicate these important facts: a better practice, the mistake we make, the new concepts that emerge every day, and to inform the people that goes to the event.” he said.

He added that they are receiving a great feedback of the public that went to the event. “They consider that the event is getting better every year, better organized, they consider that the information has been really important.”

His opinion is backed up by Edgar Rincon Molina, producer and radio host of the radio show Cyberspacio in Union Radio

In this moment in Venezuela an event like this marks an important milestone because it sets in first place the necessity that the public has of topics as important as security, antiviruses, important data protection” He also explained that diverse international firms recognize that there an immense void in the issue of cybersecurity.

For his part, Vicenzo Mendillo, renowned instructor in cybersecurity, recognized the great organization of the event and the need to support it.

 “These events are needed, there are few events in Venezuela, the few events like these need to be supported to make them better (…) in Venezuela the problem of information security is complicated, there are more threats and risks, there are few people prepared to face them, the key is to look for more than solutions, but to have more prepared people.”