Rafael Nunez - Fundasitio -- CEIN Santiago Apostol

“Santiago Apostol” CEIN’s Kids Got Surprised With Presents

The 150 students of the Pre-School National Education Center “Santiago Apostol” located in Las Brisa, Petare parish, received a very happy surprise: the joint work of RSE activities of MásQueDigital, through Fundasitio and its CEO Rafael Núñez Aponte, brought presents for everyone!

Fundasitio work in this opportunity with two other key allies: San Miguel Arcángel (SMA) Foundation and Huellas de Bondad Foundation.

For “Huellas de Bondad” Foundation, this activity meant the vindication of their role in society: to leave a good impression on those kids that are the future of our country.

“It had surpassed all expectations that we had for the day, we are super happy of having participated in this activity. Through Fundasitio and MásQueDigital, we want to bring more moments of joy and happiness to the community,” emphasized Joscelyn Porco, spokeswomen of the Foundation, she also hopes that this initiative would work as an incentive for kids to keep being motivated to study and to become better and better every day. 


Deyanira Velasquez the headmistress of the educational institute, naturally loaded with excitement, thanked the support of the Foundations and of MásQueDigital for this joyful surprise.  “It is a dream come true. The kids left the school filled with joy, excitement and very grateful and I really don’t know how to thank the moment that we lived today, here in this low-resources institution” She emphasized.


“It is wonderful how I felt, there is no amount of money that would pay the smiles that I have seen today, I’m super pleased and happy, kids with ear to ear smiles; that filled my soul”. Concluded Alessandro Rosete, SMA Foundation’s representative. He also assured that kids will always be the motivation, joy, and inspiration of parents and of the whole world to keep moving on.