Thought and Marketing

In any digital marketing strategic there are many details that must be taken into account that range from the schedule to make a post in Social Media to the alliances that must be established with other individuals or brands that can help us achieve more presence and new potential clients in our target market.

However, although the ideal is to have a correct planning of every action that must be done, it is important to highlight that, in social Media, the rapid response ability in case of any event or situation must be well valued because it can avoid certain mistakes that can compromise our strategy.

A community manager is vital in this marketing strategy since these professionals are in charge of directing our online presence, controlling the content we share and managing communities that are being created around our brand. These are aimed at maintaining a vivid bond with our followers and at strengthening it throughout time.


A common mistake in any initiative that is being born is giving the task of community manager to someone who is not prepared. It is true that knowledge is not everything in this job since experience plays an important role. The truth is that only having a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account can make you a community manager.

At this point, many of you have felt identified because of any previous experience you have endures with your brand or with you Social Media. The most important part is to understand that even from a bad situation you can always have something to learn if you have the correct management. Therefore, it is not recommendable to eliminate critics or complaints some users may have posted to our brand because they represent the perfect opportunity to listen to them and to try to solve their problems and, thus, improving our image. The client is always right and he/she must be satisfied.