Let’s remember when Santiago Apostol’s kids received presents from Fundasitio

A few weeks ago, Fundasitio and MasQueDigital surprised with presents 150 regular students of the Pre-School National Education Center “Santiago Apostol” located in Las Brisas, Petare parish. This was possible thanks to the corporate social responsibility actions carried out by these organizations under Rafael Nuñez Aponte’s direction.

The activity surpassed all expectations; the joy of the little ones when receiving their presents meant a reward. This time Fundasitio worked with two other key allies: San Miguel Arcángel Foundation (SMA) and Huellas de Bondad Foundation.

For its allies this activity meant the vindication of their role in society as companies; that is to say, to leave a good impression on those kids that are the future of the country.

Rafael-Nuñez-Let's remember when Santiago Apostol’s kids received presents from Fundasitio

With this participation, Fundasitio and MásQueDigital want to provide more moments of joy and happiness to the community. These events work as an incentive for kids to keep being motivated to become better and better every day.

The best reward for an event like this is and will always be the smile of a kid, who will always be the motivation, the joy, and the inspiration of parents and of the whole society to create a better future.

This activity was carried out during the events programmed to celebrate Fundasitio’s 3rd anniversary of supporting institutions. During these events, more toys donations will be made with the support of MasQueDigital, Huellas de Bondad, Mimos de Venezuela, Alesandro Rosete and Carlos Delfino Foundation.

3 years helping society in the digital world

Fundasitio is a non-profit organization created three years ago; it helps other organizations to bring light to their work into the digital world.

The initiative’s motto is “If you are not on the internet, you don’t exist”. It was created with the idea that technology can be used to help welfare and charity projects to connect them with others companies to get support in the development of their activities.

Rafael-Nuñez-Let's remember when Santiago Apostol’s kids received presents from Fundasitio


Rafael Núnez, Fundasitio’s president and expert on digital technology, identified Venezuelan institutions’ significate lack of attention in the digital world, that’s the reason why he decided to support them on:

  • Web page design
  • Updating web pages
  • Consultancy on strategic communication plans
  • Maintenance of web pages

Nowadays, Fundasitio has more than 60 recipients; this means that it is actually a great accomplishment for Rafa Nunez’s project on social entrepreneurship; who counts with the support of MasQueDigital’s platform composed by a qualified team of professionals whose efforts make this possible.