OpenSaturday gathered over 300 digital tech specialists

Around 300 young adults and information safety & tech professionals participated in the OpenSaturday event, celebrated at the Dominican University O&M’s La Romana center, with the support of the Dominican Republic’s Linux community.

Rafael Núñez: “Cyber-delinquents must be kept away from all digital pathways”

Our Digital Security expert remarked the importance of shielding ourselves and backing-up our information in external hard drives, in preparation for the electric rationing that is being applied all over the country

La Romana OpenSaturday 2019: The Caribbean’s National Safety and Cyber-Security Meet-up

Open Saturday, an initiative started at the Dominican Republic in order for young professionals to exchange knowledge regarding Free Open Secure Software tools and to optimize the quality of tech services

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Rafael Núñez Aponte - 1° Jornada Cientifica Distonia Venezuela 6

Fundación Distonía / Dystonia Foundation Celebrated Scientific Meeting About This Disease on Its V Anniversary

The organization changed the face of this disease in the country,…

Forum on Technological Transformation at UNIMET Will Feature a Lecture by Lino Simoes

The forum “Transfomación tecnológica en la Venezuela de hoy”…
Rafael Núñez- Más Que Digital

Rafael Núñez Will Highlight The Importance of Ethical Hacking

Our manager, Rafael Núñez Aponte, will be lecturing at the…

Rafael Nuñez Will Take Part In Unimet’s Forum About Technological Transformation

The Comité de Tecnología de Información y Comunicación de…
Rafael Nuñez White Hacker - Ethical hacking

Rafael Nuñez: Ethical Hacking Is a Real Necessity for Companies Nowadays

The digital security specialist assures that it is the best way…

Do You Really Know What a Hacker Is?

Once you hear the Word ‘hacker’, your first thought is of…