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MoreThanDigital’s Tecnology Manager spoke about privacy on the web

Alexis Rodriguez, MoreThanDigital’s Tecnology Manager pointed out, at a recent presentation on InfoSecurity 2017, that a safe handling of the information and our privacy’s vulnerability are topics that should not be taken for granted. Let’s remember that this year’s edition of InfoSecurity (South and Central America’s most important digital security event) was held at the Mateo Manaure Hall of the Renaissance Hotel in Caracas, Venezuela.

Rafael Núñez - MoreThanDigital ISEC

Rodriguez talked about how our security is being constantly monitored through our devices, without us even knowing it. “From the minute we wake up and we turn our phones on, or even our computers, until the very last moment at night when we turn them off to go to sleep, every single move we make is being monitored”.

The Technology Manager also explained that it has to do with the control big companies have among us. “There’s recognition through cognitive services, o artificial intelligence that analyses all the expressions a person makes on a day”. Highlighting that one of the methodologies used nowadays by the attackers is the machine learning, an automatized system that can learn our preferences, likes and dislikes through statistics, to then use that information against us.

Rafael Núñez - MoreThanDigital ISEC

Our IT Manager also spoke about the possibilities that exist for new attacks to happen against the privacy of influential politicians. “As well as in public services, in which the attackers try to take control of big industries that, at the moment of their foundation, didn’t consider high security politics to protect their systems from malwares and other hazards”.

Towards the end of his speech, Alexis Rodriguez made some very interesting and valid recommendations that we should all take into account to protect our information on the web:

  • Use the multi-factor authentication.
  • Do not use the same password for all your Users on the Social Networks.
  • Be responsible with the information you share on the Social Networks.

Rafael Núñez - MoreThanDigital ISEC

It is important to mention that this edition of InfoSecurity included a special participation of our very own CEO, Rafael Núñez Aponte, who offered a wide range of tips and recommendations to all the audience that quietly and expectantly, took notes on how to keep our online data safe.