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MasQueDigital Is Ready To Go Global

MasQueDigital is celebrating 7 years being leaders on digital image consultancy, eBranding and CyberSecurity in Venezuela, and its short-term achievements remain the same, to go beyond frontiers, offering a wide range of services to Venezuela and to the rest of the continent.

Lino Simoes, General Manager of Rafael Nuñez’s company is willing to make MasQueDigital a corporation that knows no frontiers or physical boundaries, assuring its most precious asset, its human talent.

I can see our staff working on projects that go beyond the limits. I’m sure we can have clients from all over the continent, because our high standards’ services. We are more than able to export the product we create here in Venezuela. Our clients feel the professionalism that our staff offers them, and that is something that speaks louder than words”

Simoes is proud of each one of his work team, assuring that clients will feel right at home with the specialized treatment they get from MasQueDigital’s employees.

In MasQueDigital we use strategies that are specially designed to cover each client’s needs, we offer a personalized service and response (…) We do not have a one-fits-all method, we create a new one with every new client. This way, every different need is covered and every different client sees a positive management report on every meeting. That is very important to us, to know that our clients feel special and understood.

For over 7 years, MasQueDigital, a company led by Rafael Nuñez Aponte, has specialized on digital marketing strategies, eBranding, web positioning, public relations, communication breakdowns and communication and information technologies, offering consulting and qualifications destined to improve and protect our online image perception.

In addition, MasQueDigital offers information on updates and breaking news concerning the 2.0 world through the social media, information that covers from gadgets development, operative systems, cryptocoins, malware prevention, etc.

So far, Lino Simoes feels “satisfied” with every achievement made by MasQueDigital and its family, and he does not hesitate on thinking that the key to the company´s success relies on the talent, consistency, and dedication of its staff.