Rafael Eladio Núñez Aponte- Tercer Aniversario de Fundasitio

MásQueDigital Congratulates FundaSitio on Its Third Anniversary!

MásQueDigital is happy to congratulate FundaSitio on its third anniversary. An iniciative by our CEO Rafael Nuñez Aponte oriented for a better digital projection to those Non-Gubernamental Organizations that work for a better society and that, for a variety of reasons, do not have an online platform that could allow them to spread the word about their positive actions.

Our allied foundation is celebrating its first three years on business wishing for a better present and an even greater future, filled with love and compromise for a better online broadcasting of those amazingly enriching social projects.

According to Douglimar Rojas, FundaSitio’s General Manager, the main objective of this year’s celebration is to keep on going and betting for more programs to add to the list of their already existing social commitments, such as (Construye Una Sociedad Digital #DonaUnSitioWeb, Ayuda a la Humanidad #RegalaSonrisas, Fortalece la Educación Digital #FortalecimientoIntelectual), thi, to carry on building a better nation.

“Our goal is to promote the participation of those agents of social change that are still willing to help and contribute for social welfare. We are aiming to be socially connected to goodwill, to demonstrate that, together, we can reach more people (…) our vision is to rescue our Venezuelan values throughout digital inclusion. We are willing to keep growing, so we can become stronger and strengthen our premises: To link, create and help” – Douglimar Rojas added.

And no only that, FundaSitio has, does and will offer the the necessary orientation for those organizations that might want to project their work to the maximum optimization, increasing its positive message to other institutions ad people wanting to help these causes.

FundaSitio is that and much more! And that is the reason why MásQueDigital is so proudly and happly honoured to be celebrating FundaSitio’s third anniversary today.