Margarita is hosting the Second 2019 National Coaching Con (CNC)

The Second National Coaching Con (CNC 2019) will be celebrated this October 11 and 12 at the Unik Hotel’s Convention Center, at the Costa Azul Mall in Margarita Island. The event has been designed for professionals who wish to improve their knowledge and strengthen their skills on the subject of Coaching.

The con will be supported by a number of companies and organizations, including MásQueDigital, whose C.E.O. is none other than Rafael Núñez Aponte.

Around 11 national and international professionals will provide talks, sharing their own experiences with leaders and heads of businesses, executives, consultants, teachers and all sorts of human resources pros.

The Con’s panels will cover a number of subjects, ranging from effective leadership to the new trends in modern management, including the development of conversational models.

The panelists

The con will count with the participation of important national figures, including JJ Moya, Mónico Carvajal, Yorelis Acosta, Eduardo Marti and Francisco Soares, as well as international guests such as Pepe del Río (President of IAC, hailing from México) and Chris Payne (MásVentas B2B C.E.O., hailing from Australia).

For more information about the event, follow Sociedad Venezolana de Coaching/Venezuelan Coaching Society through its website and on social media.