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Luis Daniel Riveros Talks About War 2.0 in Caraota Digital

In today’s modern world, many of the struggles and disputes between different actors have reached the digital field. This has made room for concepts such as War 2.0; a concept which our sub manager in MásQueDigital, Luis Daniel Riveros, explained very well to Caraota Digital.

Riveros gave a definition of what War 2.0 is. He mentioned that it is the deliberate use of digital media available on the Internet in order to attack the bases of security, such as authenticity, confidentiality, integrity, and the use of information and communication of one’s opponent. Its main aim is to affect operations, messages, credibility, reputation, among others.

Luis Daniel Riveros also stated that War 2.0 allows a broader radio of action and of perpetrators; that is why there are copious ways to make it more effective. “When we talk about War 2.0 the vast quantity of platforms that allow and promote users the creation and sharing of information should be taken into account due to the fact that they construct the ecosystem in which many communities with personal interests inhabit,” added Riveros.

More common strategies

Furthermore, the expert claimed that many variables must be considered when it comes to identifying one specific community’s features if that community wants to be influenced. To achieve this, indeed, we need to have clear strategies. But what are those strategies?

Luis Daniel Riveros numbered them:Luis-Daniel-Riveros-talks-about-War-2-0-in-Caraota-Digital

  • Creating non-authorized access to the administration of one or many RRSS accounts.
  • Creation of RRSS accounts in order to diffuse defamatory content, potentially viral to the implementation of SEO factors.
  • Creation and robotizing the creation and diffusion of inorganic content with the use of key words in order to reinforce positive tendencies.
  • Diffusion of non-information campaigns using the opponent’s Hashtag
  • Creation of group accounts or FanPages that support the opponent in order to identify our opponent’s enemies and followers.
  • Hiring an influencer of the enemy to diffuse evergreen content.
  • Promoting to the user community our inconformity of a product or a service by exposing or exaggerating a bad experience.
  • Exaggerating events and information no related to the crisis.