Daniel Riveros: Big Data, una herramienta que va más allá de la confidencialidad

Daniel Riveros: Big Data, A Tool That Goes Beyond Confidentiality

Daniel Riveros, our business manager in MásQueDigital, was present the Infosecurity Tour 2017 held at Caracas. Here, he had the chance to talk to DOBLELLAVE.com about a paramount topic in today’s Internet world: the Big Data.

Big Data is a series of codes that are translated into almost-infinite and personalized information or data. Since it could be considered as an element capable of trespassing privacy, Big Data has been strongly criticized by Internet users. Users that, from Riveros’ point of view, are as victims as accomplices due to the fact that “we are all collaborators with authorization or not.”

Also, Riveros claims that this situation could be considered as a power struggle in the economic field because “big operators, such as search engines and social media, make from Big Data a tool that goes beyond confidentiality”. Rivero states that, consciously or unconsciously, big Data is embraced by everybody as a vital element in what comes to measuring and evaluating consumption and behavioral patterns.

Why consciously or unconsciously? “Because there are tools and devices that, when they are bought, are set in a way they invade our privacy”, mentioned Riveros. He showed as an example the fact of having our geolocalization or other options that must be hidden previously activated.

Luis-Daniel-Riveros-Daniel-Riveros-Big Data: a tool that goes beyond confidentialityThe solution to this scourge is in the user’s hands. Riveros said that “it is not about keeping ourselves safe; it is about sharing the information we are willing to share. For example, something we could buy in the future or something we could really be looking for.” He added that it is impossible to go to Amazon and avoid seeing the items we have searched previously. This narrows the profile: this is known as “depuration of the funnel” in marketing. This process is made in order to see the likes of the user so it could make more effective the acquisition or the sale.

Taking into account these considerations, Riveros assured DOBLELLAVE.com that Big Data has become a vital ally, especially in tools such as Artificial Intelligence. Riveros mentioned, “Proofs of this are automatized suggestions, which are not coincidence. Big Data generate intelligent algorithms that learn from an already-analyzed scenario in order to anticipate future actions, since it is its main objective: predicting to develop marketing strategies.”

Infosecurity Tour 2017 not only had the presence of Daniel Riveros, but Rafael Núñez Aponte’s: MásQueDigital director. His important and outstanding presentation was vital to address paramount topics related to IT Security.