Luis Daniel Riveros Affirms That Robots Learn From Adversity

Luis Daniel Riveros, MásQueDigital’s General Manager, shared some of his knowledge about artificial intelligence applied to robotics in an audio-interview for El Sumario. There, he stated that it is an issue that is dominating the headlines of international press in general.

The reason: “Artificial Intelligence has been linked to robotics in the past few years since the breakthrough of sensors capable to identify audio, images, videos, and even tridimensional formats” said Daniel Riveros. He also explained “For example, there are already systems that can identify in videos the faces of specific people that may have been wanted by police officers”

Moreover, Luis Daniel Riveros Atterbo argued that robotics is a concept that goes beyond itself:

“robotics has to learn from those decisions where it could not achieve victory or it could not get a better solution” For this reason, it gets smarter, in other words, it is capable to acquire new knowledge after overcoming obstacles.