Look out! Hackers use Google Calendar to send mass malicious content

Google Calendar, the famous tool that works as an agenda / calendar, developed by the giant Mountain View, has been in the spotlight lately because of reports that it could be being used by malicious people to send spam with malicious contents pecifically taking advantage of the automatic notifications function.

As indicated by TekCrispy, specialized media revealed some months ago some vulnerabilities in Google Calendar allowing attacks such as phishing run through the events of the tool which, as a result, generated a wave of attacks and ghost invitations to some users.

Google, at the time, did not report this wave of attacks, which eventually did make the computer security firm Kaspersky Labs through a report, confirming massive invitations to Google Calendar and noting that scammers use a mailing list ready to send fake invitations massively which spread unchecked because people configure their accounts with their Gmail tool and use it to automatically share events with others.

Google opens eyes

The increase in the wave of spam in Google Calendar has caused the company Mountain View to react and finally has issued an announcement in which indicates that it is trying to solve this problem.

In its official blog, Google said that they are correcting the security flaw presented in Google Calendar, that now they are aware of the problem and that they will be posting updates constantly to keep users informed in the matter.

And, by the way, what can you do to avoid falling into the trap? First, go to ‘Events Gmail’ and uncheck ‘Automatically add events to my calendar Gmail’. Second, remove any newly added event.