Google Ads received an update… This is how your brand should take advantage of the new changes!

The competitive world of digital advertising has all its players constantly reinventing themselves to not remain in the unit and stay dead on the highway of technology and social research. And to this, Google is no exception, and it has just launched an upgrade for your tool google Ads which seeks, among other things, to boost local campaigns.

A recent report published in Merca20 ensures that the leading platform in the industry plans on remaining that by implementing a number of changes that this time punctually bet for proximity to the consumer and the promotion of the In-Store sales by that which, according to their own studies, searches ‘on sale near me’ are the ones that have skyrocketed and thus paid dividends. The technology basically focuses on the information available to show the location of the items that most probably the consumer will buy, it shows it to them when they needed and also where they can find it.

In that sense, Google Ads optimized the configuration CALLS TO LOCATIONS pf companies or establishments so the advertisers gain access and highlight what their stores really have to offer in tools like Google, Maps, YouTube, etc. So it also made the relation between advertiser and store or ad holder a little bit closer, that way the ad can have more personality and sell more.

They also modified LOCATION and now you can create groups to facilitate the promotion of a subset of business locations … The same happens with REPORTS Because advertisers can now generate a report of assets to get a better view of the performance of your campaigns and thus monitor what types of messages and active work better. Then we have also an improvement on the advertiser’s point of view, now the advertiser doesn’t have to handle everything by his own wit, but also gets a bit of help from the interface.

Other updates Google Ads They include:

  • Highlight Promotions: advertisers will be allowed to highlight in-store promotions at local inventory ads for specific products that are in stock, this when we talk about shopping ads.
  • Smart offers: The purpose of this function is automatically optimize your bids to help improve your return on investment. The IA calculate the best offer from information collected from the market. An algorithm, one can call it.
  • Relevance of geolocation: In recent years we have seen how it has become important to show the consumer as close as possible and, in that context, geolocation plays an increasingly important role in terms of marketing. People tend to feel closer to local stores than to a store abroad.

These new features can work for both large advertisers and small businesses And the goal of Google is that anyone can offer their products or services with a more tangible to the location of their target audiences proximity.