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Good Digital Marketing for SME

Digital marketing has become a fundamental tool for SMEs, but it was not until recently that people did not pay attention. However, in the last couple years, and with Digital Transformation on the rise, the marketing departments began to focus onto digital marketing.

SMEs, often overlooked due to big companies, have an important role in finances because they represent a major source of employment. Likewise, these small and medium-sized enterprises are very versatile and better oriented to the client’s necessities.

SMEs not only adapted to traditional marketing strategies, they also adapted to new technologies. That is case of digital marketing, which became very popular over the last few years thanks to social media, emails, and ads.

As hard as it is to believe, SMEs and micro businesses have a common issue: the concept of professional marketing, or its use, is virtually non-existing. No one would question a big company establishing specific marketing strategies to its business plan, so why do we question if a SME or a micro business does it?

SME Digital Marketing-MásQueDigital

The Importance of Marketing in small-sized enterprises

Nowadays, is not about the size of the business. Thanks to the internet SMEs have a wide range of possibilities to reach thousands of users. Small businesses have an edge compared to their multinational counterparts: agility and reaction time at any given moment. The best advice is: fully using the online marketing tools will help you stand out, it will boost the user’s trust towards your brand, it will create more traffic to your web, it helps you sell more, and it will help you become known.

You cannot lose this opportunity. Combine it with a good directive organization, and foster innovation; it does not matter how small the business is.

Online Digital Marketing’s Core for SME

Web Page

If you had a store, would you have it dirty, disorganized, with outdated decoration and furniture, and obstacles that make it hard for clients to buy? The Internet is like the shelves of your store, and it needs to be always spot on. Focus on having the best web services the market has for your area, and it will surely score you lots of points.

Positioning Online

It means showing up as soon as people are trying to found you. First, you have to study, and then you can plan and define the strategy you are going to implement so you know which road you will follow from the get-go.

Good Digital Marketing for SME-MásQueDigital

Social Media

Create a business profile in social media where you target audience can be. There must be a link between all the social media you are using. So plan and interact with the users interested in your brand.

Blog + Content

Create content to bond with your audience; it can be posted in a blog section on your web page. Use keywords to generate organic traffic towards your page, and prepare a calendar of contents to maintain the posting continuity.

Online Publicity

You are not going to sell a lot thanks to online publicity from the very start. However, invest a little bit with every publicity strategy to find out which one works better for your target audience, and adapt if you have to.

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Email marketing

Create a database with all the users willing to receive information about your product or services. This will, in a long term, guarantee that you can offer special promotions that can catch the interest of any potential client.

Digital marketing must not be out of the question no matter how small your business is. With the use of the Internet, everything can be measured and quantified, which, in turn, will let you continuously adapt to new flows in the market. This is a key factor to invest in the right direction since resources are limited for SME