Follow them! 5 Tips to Turn Web Visitors in Apps Users

Digital marketing as we know it is changing more and more to mobile devices. For that reason, brands and businesses are rushing to develop strategies that reach those spaces where consumers are, that is, Smartphone.

As a matter of facts, the influence of mobiles devices is so tremendous that, for most companies, it is much more convenient to generate strategies that lead user to apps and not to web pages. The former is the point of encounter in which clients are more comfortable consuming.

How can you transform those ‘old-fashioned’ web visitors in ‘updated’ app users? A recent article published on Merca20 offers the solutions in 5 suggestions very easy to follow. Let’s see:

  • Track users: The first step to transform web page users to app user is to track them. It means getting information from the people. Their navigation habits and time invested on apps. With that information you can create a strategy that motivates people to use the mobile platforms developed by the brands.
  • Create content value: The brand needs to create a value proposal that highlights why the consumer should use the mobile app, and what differentiates it from the competition’s platform.  Is always good to remember that a value proposal is considered effective when it guides all business decisions, even the app’s design.
  • Interact with the user in more personal level: Once the number of mobile app users increases, brands have to make sure users continue to use it. Achieving that means to leave aside general communication such as massive e-mail campaigns. Instead of that, brands need to bet on customer engagement, and more personalized communications.
  • Optimize your magnetism: This has to do with the competition there is in the market. On this regard, is necessary to optimize what is attractive about a brand’s app, to make more ‘charming’ so people spend more time on it. How? By promoting positive reviews, making promotions, or press notes. These are effective measures to boosts the number of downloads, for example.
  • Develop a community: Finally, it needs to be considered creating a strong community, being ‘community’ a space where the customers and the business interact with one another, and create relations based on common aspects.