Facebook could eliminate the ‘likes’ counter

The famous social network Facebook could be about to make a big change in its platform. Which? According to a recent report by TechCrunch, Mark Zuckerberg’s signature could be preparing for removing the ‘likes’ counter or what is the same, that kind of meter that values worth and self-esteem and mortifies some users.

Reports the site FayerWayer that it would be a very similar move to what Facebook is doing in some countries with Instagram (Platform that also belongs to them), wherein said counter disappeared and was replaced by a simple briefing note in the site to users, indicating whether some mutual friends gave ‘like’, without further details.

The idea behind the decision (In both cases) is that people do not compare with each other and that, as consequence, they deprive themselves from sharing publications. Because they are afraid of having little approval, or see another very famous and feel that theirs is poor, or bad, and then proceed to delete it.

This new measure, worth pointing out, is not yet being tested in any market. Another thing worth mentioning is that, as explained by Andro4all, it was not Facebook who revealed the information; but Manchun Jane Wong, the famous researcher of applications in their investigations, discovered in the Facebook app for Android a code that would hide the exact amount of ‘likes’.

However, once the expert published his discovery, Facebook itself came to confirm their interest in launching a trial version to hide the exact number of ‘likes’ But they have not yet decided if they will and, if so, when. In addition, people from the platform said that if it was ever decided to proceed with the implementation of this plan, they ensure that they will do so gradually, to avoid a major shock for the users in relation to such an important change.