Expedition 8848: Venezuela to conquer Everest!

Two Venezuelans will try to conquer the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest. Giselle Cesin and Alberto Camardiel, a couple that is member of the Expedition 8848 (Proyecto 8848) will try to reach a goal that no other fellow Venezuelan has achieved in the last 15 years.

Cesin and Camardiel have already left their natal country and have arrived in Katmandu, Nepal to join the rest of the team of the Expedition 8848 (the Argentinians Willie and Damián Benegas and four other north American climbers), and will shortly initiate the adaptation process that will take them to Lukla on the 7th day.

Once in Lukla, the team will start acclimatizing and will start learning about the environment on the facilities nearby the camp, and in mid-May, when the conditions get better, they will start climbing the mountain from its southern slope.

The journey will be a tough one, our climbers know that very well, and that’s the reason they’ve been training and preparing for it for months:

“These last couple of weeks we have been focused on long trips to the mountain with important climbers, like Steve House”. – said Giselle, adding- “Being here has been extremely important for me. These have been really tough days, but that has not distracted me from the main goal, reaching the top of Everest”.

However, Alberto exclaimed that the whole preparation has been full of hard work, not only physical, but mental as well:

“We’ve had to make some drastic changes on how we were doing things. This has been a huge challenge for us”

It’s important to mention that the preparation for these athletes has been in hands of the trainer Scott Johnston.

The project Expedition 8848/Proyecto 8848 will be in Nepal for 55 days, and both Venezuelan climbers, and MásQueDigital (MoreThanDigital) will be reporting everything that goes on for all the audience to know, giving them an inside scoop and all-access-pass through their social networks @gisellecesin @acamardiel @masquedigital_.