Expedition 8848: Giselle and Alberto have arrived at base camp!

After a week of a hard, but necessary, journey of trekking through Khumbu valley, the members of the Expedition 8848 have finally arrived in base camp at Mount Everest, last Saturday, 17th of April. As soon as they were all set and settled, both of our climbers, Giselle Cesin and Alberto Camardiel did not hesitate to share the amazing news with the world through their Instagram accounts.

Both hikers not only shared the news with their followers as soon as they got to the foot of Mount Everest, but also posted many pictures and videos of the amazing landscape that surrounds them. But getting there is only the beginning of a new chapter, and perhaps, the most complex one, as they have finally left behind all the preparation process to now focus on the big matter: the climbing!

For now, our adventurers are off to rest for a couple of days, to later start with the preparation for this new chapter that is ahead of them, the final climbing, which is set to begin mid-May.

It is an honour for MasQueDigital (MoreThanDigital) to be one of the proud sponsors of this expedition, and it is of high importance for us to be collaborating on making such an important project a reality, wishing them all the best on the new adventures that wait for them.