Don’t fall behind! WhatsApp will allow status to share on Facebook stories

The instant messaging application Whatsapp just put to test a new feature that will allow users to Share their status directly to their stories in Facebook. The update, announced the company, is now available for all users belonging to WhatsApp beta program.

The site explains, as happens with stories synchronization between Facebook and Instagram, there will be a button that will indicate ‘Share story Facebook‘ Below WhatsApp states. Thus, just by clicking on the ‘Share now‘ WhatsApp status will automatically be shared on Facebook stories.

The function will also be compatible with other apps including Gmail or Google Photos.

The company, though, has clarified that Facebook and WhatsApp accounts will not be linked, but remember that in order to carry out this type of interaction between apps you will need to have them all installed on your smartphone at the same time.

Clarifying that the accounts will not be linked is important, especially now that Facebook continues to struggle after several scandals arising from misuse of personal data of its users. So WhatsApp is being smart and no one will be able to say that their data is being stolen or some sort.

For the moment Facebook has not given a specific date for the public display of this new feature but since it is already in beta, you may come very soon to all users officially.