Did you know? Instagram is Influencers’ Favorite Social Network!

It’s no secret that influencer marketing is on the rise, for that reason many specialized companies have dedicated to study the particularities from this area, companies like SocialPubli, which recently published 2019 Study of Influencers. But, what does the study say?

Among all the information this study presents, there is one very important fact: Which social networks are the influencers’ favorite one?

Instagram has becomes the favorite platform for influencers to do their pots related to brands or companies, and is the favorite one with 75.9% preference. If the number seems impressive is because it grew 10 points compared to last year.

This growth has reasons to be: Stories, post on the feed, and IGTV. These tools, in that same order, are the spaces on which influencers collaborate with brands.

Following Instagram, there is Twitter with 9.5% of preference by influencers. They refer to it as the micro blogging social network.

In third place, we find Facebook, which was chosen by 8.5% of the interviewed influencers by SocialPubli for its study. And last, but not least is YouTube with 3.9% of preference.

More Conclusions

Other results of the 2019 Study of Influencers highlight that:

  • 64% of influencers publish sponsor content at least once a month, and just 11% uploads posts related to brands, daily.
  • Only 39% of influencers consider their jobs recognized (7% more than last year.)
  • 88% of influencers consider inappropriate buying followers.
  • 99% of this sector claims to believe in the products and services they promote.