Luis Daniel Riveros Atterbo en Brújula Internacional

Daniel Riveros Talks About Online Reputation at Brujula Internacional

 “What happens on Internet stays on Internet” this phrase was said by our Assistant Manager Luis Daniel Riveros, during an interview with Julio Cesar Pineda on the T.V talk show Brujula Internacional in Globovision, where they talk about online reputation.

Luis Daniel Riveros explained that some years ago we used to talk a lot about ATL or traditional mass media (radio, press, television); nonetheless, the upsurge of social networks affected how we understood the concept of “reputation” and now it has become a dynamic subject: “Reputation is a collective constructed value accumulated over time, because it requires the awareness of the followers” he said.

Nevertheless, when a Brand or product does not count on the approval of the majority of its followers, this could cause a communicational crisis, which happens when detractors use different means to spread difamations about their victims.

This information published on Internet cannot be eliminated, especially if the content is well ranked and if it can be found in the first pages of search engines, that is the reason why he suggested to handle the situation with the use of strategies that allow minimizing the impact, among them, to carry out a process of denouncement through diverse digital platforms.


The Right to Be Forgotten

Daniel Riveros indicated that in 2014 “The right to be forgotten” was approved by the European Union. “This means that Google is forced to eliminate from its results every link that violates the rights of an European citizen; for example, if he or she paid for a crime for which they were judged previously”.

However, he stated that, currently, this Law does not exist in Latin America; hence it is important to start a process of denouncement. “Every platform nowadays offers the process of denouncement through which you can make a formal report, but not all of them proceed.  Some of them are removed if they break any usage policy; then, the search engine immediately de-indexes the page and sometimes it eliminates the channels” highlighted our specialist in Digital Marketing.

 “Anyone who does not receive technologic consultancy with the audience who is using the digital communication tools on internet, is letting pass by a good opportunity that can produce great results” he emphasized

In this sense, he shared MásQueDigital’s social networks, whose Manager is Rafael Núñez,  and he indicated that we offer consultancy to companies and organizations who want to know the services that we provide in the world of digital image, social networks, and internet.

“The idea is to create a strategy and to define good pillars of communication; however, not everybody has the pillars, the time and the team to define them, hence they must get consultancy with a specialized company in Digital Marketing”. He said.