Daniel Riveros: Big Data, una herramienta que va más allá de la confidencialidad

Daniel Riveros: Big Data, a tool that goes beyond confidentiality

Daniel Riveros, MásQueDigital’s Business Manager, attended to InfoSecurity Tour 2017, a technology event held last week in Caracas, where he got the chance to talk to DOBLELLAVE.COM about a relevant topic that is trending all over the internet nowadays, Big Data.

Big Data, known as the group of combined codes that turn into information or almost infinite data, is currently the main issue for all the cybersecurity lovers around the globe. This, because it is an element that is able to turn vulnerable the user’s privacy and intimacy on the net. Users that, according to Riveros, are just as victims as they are abettors.

“We all play a part in this cycle”

As reported by Daniel Riveros, this situation could be put as a war to achieve power and economics aspirations:

“Big companies, such as search engines and social networks make Big Data a tool that goes beyond confidentiality.”

Adding that, whether we know it or not, we all make use of it to measure and evaluate how we are doing and behaving on the digital world.

“There are tools or devices that, when we buy them, they have inside of them settings that, in some way, invade our privacy. Take, for example, the GPS. It will know where we are at any moment of the day. And that in only an example, there are many other options that should be hidden.”

The ironic thing is, that the solution to this issue lays on the user’s own hands:


Daniel Rivaeros – MásQueDigital’s Business Manager

“It’s not about protecting ourselves, but to share information that we care about. Take Amazon for example, it will always show you items that you have checked in the past. That’s the way the site will know and adjust itself to suit our likes and dislikes.”

Conforming to Daniel Riveros, Big Data has become an extremely useful ally, especially for tools with artificial intelligence:

“An example of this is the automatic suggestions that aren’t there for mere coincidence. Big Data generates intelligent algorithms that are constantly learning from past sceneries, so it can predict future actions. That is its main goal, prediction to activate marketing strategies.”

InfoSecurity Tour 2017 in Caracas, Venezuela, also had a special participation by Rafael Núñez Aponte, MásQueDigital’s CEO, who took the time to talk about very important and interesting topics regarding cybersecurity.