ByteDance, parent company of TikTok, will manufacture its own smartphone

The company ByteDance, which is behind the application / TikTok audiovisual social network, has just formally announced that, among its immediate projects, is the manufacture of its own smartphone.

According to the CNET portal, ByteDance will join Smartisan Technology, a small but recognized manufacturer of phones in China, to manufacture the aforementioned smartphone.

This idea of having a mobile of its own by the TikTok parent company has been turning around in specialized media in the form of rumor, and has finally been made official by a spokeswoman who, however, was not able to offer more details or specifications or special functions of the device in question.

Another thing that has not been said is the potential launch date of the phone, although it is known that the initiative has been developing for about seven months.

Now, why does ByteDance want to venture into the mobile world? Reuters says it is to try to conquer the market outside social networks and find new methods of monetization through this type of telephony … that, and stand up to other Chinese titans in the sector such as Baidu and Tencent.