AVES presents “Secura_Ven_2020” where the new trends in cybersecurity will be shown to the world

The event will take place in the headquarters of the Venezuelan Chamber of Construction, and will boast of a rich group of panel members who will speak about the latest developments in the world of cybersecurity.

We live in a world where public and corporate data and aren’t just extra files in servers, but an entire business opportunity for cyber-delinquents.

Analyst the world over agree that this new decade will see a rise in cyber-attacks and the theft of corporate data, an issue that has quickly become one of the most important for all manner of CEOs to worry about.

This context forces directives of all types or organizations (be they government-led or private ventures) to create awareness about the gravity of this type of cruime, and to work on how to minimize technological risks in order to prevent cyber-attacks.

For this, experts suggest that preparing and educating employees on this subject will be the key to stop attacks and strenghten eveyone’s reaction-time when facing any threats.

Keeping this in mind, the Venezuelan Association of Security Execs (AVES) organized the forum “Secura_Ven_2020 – Cybersecurity Meetup: The Industry, Superconnected” to be celebrated this March 26 and to act as a platform of difussion and exchange with experts in the field, aiming to continuing strenghtening the knowledge in the area of cybersecurity.

During the event – which will be celebrated in the headquarters of the Venezuelan Chamber of Construction in Altamira (Caracas – Venezuela) – our very own director, Rafael Núñez Aponte will be participating with a presentation titled “Damage Control when Your Reputation is Damaged in the Internet – Cybersecurity”.

Alongside him, a panel of specialists will be presenting new info about:

  • Digital infrastructure.
  • Protection of data, the cloud, and its impact on the internet.
  • Server management.
  • Risks Vs Big Data.
  • 2020 Challenges and Trends.
  • Cybersecurity for Corporations and Businesses.
  • Risks and Vulnerabilities.
  • CISO: The new trendy superhero.
  • Tech. User education.

If you want to learn more about the event, contact AVES trough the following local numbers: +58 212 864 7310 / 860 5706; The cellphone numbers 0412 9039681 and 0424-2096035 or via e-mail: aves@seguridadonline.com and avesonline@gmail.com.