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Fundación Distonía / Dystonia Foundation Celebrated Scientific Meeting About This Disease on Its V Anniversary

The organization changed the face of this disease in the country, taking it to be understood as a pathology and not as a “weird” disease. The Fundación Distonía Venezuela celebrated its fifth anniversary on the World’s Dystonia Day with a scientific meeting on this medical disorder to give the people who live with this disease […]

Forum on Technological Transformation at UNIMET Will Feature a Lecture by Lino Simoes

The forum “Transfomación tecnológica en la Venezuela de hoy” (Technological transformation in today’s Venezuela) will be held on November 7th at the UNIMET (Metropolitan University) of Caracas; there, experts in the area will address a forum on the transforming use of digital tools. This venue will have the active presence of MásQueSeguridad, a company leaded […]

Rafael Núñez Will Highlight The Importance of Ethical Hacking

Our manager, Rafael Núñez Aponte, will be lecturing at the next Forum on “Transformación Tecnológica en la Venezuela de hoy,” (Technological transformation in today’s Venezuela); which will be held on November 7th at UNIMET (Metropolitan University) of Caracas. Núñez will discuss the existent hazards within the world due to cyber-attacks and, the vulnerabilities that organizations […]

Do You Really Know What a Hacker Is?

Once you hear the Word ‘hacker’, your first thought is of popular movies such as War Games and the popular new TV series, I, Robot, where the protagonists are these computer experts whose unassuming looks betray their knowledge of network information, capable of finding vulnerabilities in the strongest of systems, including the Pentagon’s. Hacker: Good […]

Rafael Nunez Will Speak About Ethical Hacking on a Security Meeting in Dominical Republic

This upcoming August, specifically during the 23th and 26th, the Congreso Nacional de Seguridad de Rapública Dominicana (Dominican Republic’s National Security Congress) will be celebrating its 20th edition, a traditional yearly meeting that will focus on topics related to data and information protection on the digital world. Our CEO, Rafael Nunez Aponte will attend as […]