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Margarita is hosting the Second 2019 National Coaching Con (CNC)

The Second National Coaching Con (CNC 2019) will be celebrated this October 11 and 12 at the Unik Hotel’s Convention Center, at the Costa Azul Mall in Margarita Island. The event has been designed for professionals who wish to improve their knowledge and strengthen their skills on the subject of Coaching. The con will be […]

Watch out! New malware steals crypto-wallets!

A team of researchers from network and system specialist Juniper Networks recently discovered new malware, able to steal user data and access crypto-currency wallets to, among other things, replace addresses. The name of this new danger? Masad Stealer! An article published in TekCrispy explains that, according to those who found it, the virus is capable […]

Want to improve your website’s SEO? Check these link-building tips!

One of the greatest challenges that marketing professionals face when it comes to SEO is link building, a tool that gathers external links to our websites, blogs or online stores in order to increase their positioning in search engines. How to approach it? According to Merca20, there are many ways. And you can start by […]

Simjacker …A new nightmare for privacy!

The computer security firm Adaptive Mobile Security recently discovered a very serious vulnerability that has the potential to affect a huge number of SIM cards across the globe. The ruling in question has been baptized as Simjacker and is, according to experts, the most sophisticated in history. Explains a report from the Xataka portal that […]

Look out! Hackers use Google Calendar to send mass malicious content

Google Calendar, the famous tool that works as an agenda / calendar, developed by the giant Mountain View, has been in the spotlight lately because of reports that it could be being used by malicious people to send spam with malicious contents pecifically taking advantage of the automatic notifications function. As indicated by TekCrispy, specialized […]

Facebook could eliminate the ‘likes’ counter

The famous social network Facebook could be about to make a big change in its platform. Which? According to a recent report by TechCrunch, Mark Zuckerberg’s signature could be preparing for removing the ‘likes’ counter or what is the same, that kind of meter that values worth and self-esteem and mortifies some users. Reports the […]

Attention! The engagement in Instagram is dropping. Is there a solution?

Instagram has become one of the favorite, if not the most used, digital marketing tools of brands and companies to help them reach the public directly thanks to, among other things, its enormous reach. However, it seems that this new extremely commercial face of the social network is affecting one of the main objectives that advertisers seek: […]

ByteDance, parent company of TikTok, will manufacture its own smartphone

The company ByteDance, which is behind the application / TikTok audiovisual social network, has just formally announced that, among its immediate projects, is the manufacture of its own smartphone. According to the CNET portal, ByteDance will join Smartisan Technology, a small but recognized manufacturer of phones in China, to manufacture the aforementioned smartphone. This idea […]

Don’t fall behind! WhatsApp will allow status to share on Facebook stories

The instant messaging application Whatsapp just put to test a new feature that will allow users to Share their status directly to their stories in Facebook. The update, announced the company, is now available for all users belonging to WhatsApp beta program. The Cnet.com site explains, as happens with stories synchronization between Facebook and Instagram, […]