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Nokia Scientists Work on the ‘Battery of the Future’

Developers of electronic devices face many challenges, one of them is the creation of equipments with an excellent power usage and powerful enough to support new technologies such as a 5G, artificial intelligence or augmented reality. But, have they done it? Not yet! We have to emphasize the ‘yet’ because they are working on that. In […]

Follow them! 5 Tips to Turn Web Visitors in Apps Users

Digital marketing as we know it is changing more and more to mobile devices. For that reason, brands and businesses are rushing to develop strategies that reach those spaces where consumers are, that is, Smartphone. As a matter of facts, the influence of mobiles devices is so tremendous that, for most companies, it is much more convenient to […]

IoT Innovatech: The first Things forum in Latin America

The gathering is the first of its kind in the entire continent, and welcomed over 1,500 key players representing a number of business sectors The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing everything in the modern world, from agriculture, manufacturing and production, construction, the distribution of electric power to even new business models. Under this premise, […]

Britcham introduces 8 new vital technologies for future-minded businesses

Over 250 upcoming tech advances were reviewed with only the most important tones earning a place on the stage, as they are expected to completely chance the world of business in the next five years Britcham, the Venezuelan-British Chamber of Commerce, in the framework of Fedeuropa and the support of Pacheco, Apostólico and Associates (PriceWaterhouseCoopers), […]

Rafael Nuñez Will Take Part In Unimet’s Forum About Technological Transformation

The Comité de Tecnología de Información y Comunicación de la Cámara Venezolano Británica de Comercio (BritCham’s Information and Comunication Comittee) invites you to the forum “Transformación Tecnológica en la Venezuela de Hoy” (Tecnhonological Transformation on Today’s Venezuela) which will be held on November 7th at the Universidad Metropolitana de Caracas (UNIMET) and it will have […]

MásQueDigital Congratulates FundaSitio on Its Third Anniversary!

MásQueDigital is happy to congratulate FundaSitio on its third anniversary. An iniciative by our CEO Rafael Nuñez Aponte oriented for a better digital projection to those Non-Gubernamental Organizations that work for a better society and that, for a variety of reasons, do not have an online platform that could allow them to spread the word […]

MoreThanDigital’s Tecnology Manager spoke about privacy on the web

Alexis Rodriguez, MoreThanDigital’s Tecnology Manager pointed out, at a recent presentation on InfoSecurity 2017, that a safe handling of the information and our privacy’s vulnerability are topics that should not be taken for granted. Let’s remember that this year’s edition of InfoSecurity (South and Central America’s most important digital security event) was held at the […]